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About Us

I just can’t wait to see the images…

Nearly all of my clients say that. Because, for me, shooting a space is not ever routine, it is a new and exciting experience. And my clients can see, for me this is not a job, this is a sojourn to discover light, angles and composition that best show off a space. My excitement at discovery and creation is infectious, and you will see that when you watch me work.

For as long as I can remember I have loved taking pictures. Not just taking pictures, but taking good, moving and inspiring pictures. I would like to think I have gotten pretty good at that. A photographer-friend of mine often says, “May your next picture be your best picture.” That gets at the root of my photographic philosophy; be good, but always be getting better.

So who am I? I am the guy who is going to take the best dang pictures you have ever seen.



Dave Koch



Whatever your imaging needs, we can perform them for you!

Home photography

This is not a 20-minutes-and-we’re-done photo shoot; if you want fast and inexpensive, we are not the photographers you are looking for! We come in with full lighting kits and spend hours shooting your home. How many images? As many as it takes. Includes full-service photography, marketing kit, home website, social media branding and more. Aerial shots also included at no extra cost. MLS and Brochure/Print use only.

Price : 199$-450$

Architectural photography

Special images to show off special places. These are jobs in commercial spaces that require perfection. You don’t want 100’s of images, just 2-3 that stun the viewer. Whether you are looking for accurate recreation of a structure or something more stylized and moody, we can (and have done!) this. For use anywhere- websites, promotional materials, print advertising or wherever else you need to look great!

Price : 250$-1000$

3D Matterport Tours

The ultimate high-tech add-on for a property. These days with even limited social distancing make a 3D tour a must for many home owners. Let people see and walk through your  home or space from the comfort of their home and from their computer or cell phone. 3D Virtual tour, $150 per 1000 sq ft., or 100$ per 11000 sq ft when ordered in conjunction with a full-service home shoot.

Price : 150$-450$

Commercial photography

For use anywhere- websites, promotional materials, print advertising or wherever else you need to look great! We shoot everything from dog food bowls to drug bottles; assisted living facilities to million dollar aircraft. We shoot for  major corporations and for start-ups- anyone who needs and appreciates good photography.

Price : as quoted

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